Comprehensive equipping of all types of institutions

with health products

Production, import and delivery of consumables, equipment, products for disinfection and sterilization, surgical instruments, furniture and other 47 groups of goods

We completely close your need for health products


You are contacting us for a specific position with a ready order, or you independently place it on your personal account


If in our assortment there is no position required, we analyze the market, prepare an offer and complete an order in 24 hours


In 98% of cases, goods at issue are available in stock, and we send them on the order day “to the door”. If it is necessary to find a specific product, then the dispatch will take place within 5 days

And we also

Carry out the market analysis, advise, provide with samples for approbation, help at all stages of the preparation and holding of tenders

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Production, import, distribution

Distribution of health products

We make the clients’ lives more comfortable, creating a culture of the high-quality service in providing with health products for all types of institutions

Production and import of health products

Modern production that meet the quality management standards DSTU ISO 13485:2005
Own trademarks: – VG Care and ARZT PLUS

Products we deliver

Bandages, corsets, diapers, urine collection and colostomy bags, bedpans, goods against bed sores, etc.

Disposable sterile and non-sterile shoe covers, capes, bed sheets, towels, gowns, etc.

Diagnostic gels, medical gloves, ultrasound condoms, rapid tests, surgical dressings, syringes, etc.

Clamps, mirrors, probes, needle-holders, instruments for endoscopy, urinary catheters, hammers, scissors, etc.

Electrocardiographs, defibrillators, pulse oximeters, thermometers, inhalers, blood glucose monitors, heart-rate monitors, medical ventilators, ultra-high-frequency therapy apparatus, etc.

Examination tables, medical beds, gynecological examination chairs, medical cabinets, mattresses, massage tables, etc.

Medical vaccine carriers, nurse surgical bags, pediatrician bags, resuscitation bags, etc.

Drainages, catheters, probes, medical kits, respirators, Ambu-bags, stents, medical tubes, etc.

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  1. More than 1500 product positions are available
  2. There is no amount of a minimum order
  3. The dispatch of goods is carried out at the order date

We provide with health products for

governmental institutions, private clinics, medical centers, pharmacy chains, veterinary clinics, beauty salons and not just that

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14 January 2020


29 July 2019

The company success is the result of the joint work of the whole team

Comprehensive equipping of all types of institutions
with health products

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