Production and import
of health products

Brief information about us

Modern own production

The products are manufactured on the modern equipment, and meet all the standards and requirements of the Ukrainian legislation. The quality management system DSTU ISO 13485:2005 has been implemented in the Company

Own import of the products

Import of the health products is carried out at all stages by forces and at the expense of our Company, which allows partners to sell the products at reasonable prices and be confident of the declared quality

Comfort and quality

We devote a large amount of time and invest significant resources to maintain the high quality of the products manufactured. We take care of consumers’ comfort improving our products at every stage of production

Open to cooperation

We are open to various forms of cooperation. Affiliate programs allow not only to sell our products through retail and wholesale channels, but also to manufacture the products under the customer’s trademarks

Production and import
of health products

Our trademarks

The products manufactured under ТМ VG Care strictly correspond to their slogan “Comfort and Quality”.
As of today, we produce:

  1. disposable non-sterile shoe covers of various types of pre-packing, packaging and colors
  2. sterile gynecological sets of various configurations
  3. Premium-quality nonwoven bed sheets
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Our Company imports under ARZT PLUS trademark: latex, nitrile, and vinyl non-sterile gloves, and manufactures non-woven bed sheets of the low-budget segment.

Import and manufacture of the products under ARZT PLUS trademark are the opportunity to sell the products at the price, reasonable for the market and partners.

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The products we manufacture are

Disposable shoe covers

They are used as disposable shoes to maintain the level of sanitation in premises with strict requirements for cleanliness: medical and healthcare facilities, pre-school and school institutions, beauty salons, food industry enterprises, etc.

ТМ VG Care shoe covers are::

  1. the high quality of the products manufactured
  2. comfortable types of packaging
  3. variety of color choices

Sterile gynecological sets

Designed for a full manual and visual examination, sampling of biomaterial and cytological analysis. Used in gynecological departments for preventive examinations and various medical procedures. The use of the set allows to avoid infection during a gynecological examination, and to a gynecologist – to perform, as quickly and efficiently as possible, all necessary manipulations with the maximum comfort for a patient.

ТМ VG Care gynecological sets are:

  1. the product sterility and reliable protection against infections
  2. big range and various configurations
  3. highest quality of all set components

Spunbond nonwoven coatings

They are used in medical institutions and beauty salons for various procedures as bedding material. Coatings are characterized by the sufficient strength, do not cause irritation and are smooth to the touch. These coatings are made from fibers that do not let bacteria and mechanical impurities pass, which prevents their further spread.

Coatings from ТМ VG Care and Arzt Plus nonwoven material are:

  1. the availability of the premium and low-budget segment products
  2. compliance with the declared quality, and
  3. coils of various sizes and colors

Products imported

Medical examination gloves

Designed for medical procedures and manipulations, have the high strength and are resistant to punctures. They accurately reflect the anatomy of the hand, which ensures the perfect fit and increases the tactile sensitivity.

Range of ТМ Arzt Plus gloves:

  1. latex powdered and powder-free
  2. nitrile powdered and powder-free
  3. vinyl powder-free

Production and import of health products

Comfort and quality