Distribution of health products

We make the clients’ lives more comfortable, creating a culture of the high-quality service in providing with health products for all types of institutions


We value the reputation

Honest and open to customers, suppliers and employees, we perform our obligations regardless of the cost


We are equal partners for our suppliers

We appreciate the mutually beneficial joint success; we work in the “win-win” format and are interested in the long-term growth and prosperity of our partners’ businesses



We exclude bureaucracy, and constantly hone and automate business-processes. We make our service more prompt, qualitative and reliable

And we also

Develop the customer service. Owing to the high qualification and professionalism of employees, we provide prime services in advising clients, selecting goods in the optimum way and delivering products in good time. Every client is important for us

VG Medical is one team; we hear every member of our Company, and develop employees personally and professionally. The Company’s success is a result of the work of the whole team

Brief information about us

We ensure a full “all-inclusive” delivery cycle

Selection of necessary goods, provision of recommendations, competitive prices, a transaction support, a guaranteed timeframe for delivery and return of goods

Many years of experience in distribution activities

For more than 5 years, we have been a significant participant of the Ukrainian market in the integrated support by health products, as evidenced by the statistical data of Prozzoro system

High quality of the products delivered

The products conform to all the quality standards of Ukraine. We ensure the service support and guarantee for all goods within the framework of our own resources, manufacturers and legislation

Advanced software solutions and business-process automation

The Company has introduced the advanced software solutions as for interaction with clients and automation of the warehouse accounting business-processes

Products we deliver

More than 1500 goods are in stock

Bandages, corsets, diapers, urine collection and colostomy bags, bedpans, goods against bed sores, etc.

Disposable sterile and non-sterile shoe covers, capes, bed sheets, towels, gowns, etc.

Diagnostic gels, medical gloves, ultrasound condoms, rapid tests, surgical dressings, syringes, etc.

Clamps, mirrors, probes, needle-holders, instruments for endoscopy, urinary catheters, hammers, scissors, etc.

Electrocardiographs, defibrillators, pulse oximeters, thermometers, inhalers, blood glucose monitors, heart-rate monitors, medical ventilators, ultra-high-frequency therapy apparatus, etc.

Examination tables, medical beds, gynecological examination chairs, medical cabinets, mattresses, massage tables, etc.

Medical vaccine carriers, nurse surgical bags, pediatrician bags, resuscitation bags, etc.

Drainages, catheters, probes, medical kits, respirators, Ambu-bags, stents, medical tubes, etc.

We do not just deliver the goods, we solve problems, help you at every stage of procurement and delivery

What we do for you



We make it easier for you to search for and select necessary goods: we carry out the market analysis, advise and provide with samples for approbation


We form the leftover stock under you. You can be sure of the availability of goods required by us exactly


We support the open assortment: we have no restrictions on entering new positions and are ready to ship any products of any manufacturers for an order at your request


We constantly analyze and expand the existing range in accordance with the market trends

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Transaction support
and document flow

We calibrate the specifications and make the estimate for budgeting

We assist in preparing contracts and other documentation

We provide consulting support at all stages of the preparation and holding of tenders

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Delivery of goods

  1. We are widely represented in the regions of Ukraine: Dnepr, Kiev, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Lvov, Krivoy Rog. We are actively developing in all the regional centers of the country
  2. We make deliveries of goods “to the door”, day into date; it is possible to agree upon a delivery timeframe
  3. We accompany each batch of goods with a full package of supporting documents
  4. We guarantee deadlines for delivery and return of goods
  5. We provide the possibility of shipment after work hours, if necessary
  6. We maintain the high quality of assembling (no re-grading and shortages)
  7. We provide the service support and guarantee for all goods within the framework of our own resources, manufacturers and legislation
  8. We use in the work the advanced software solutions and business-process automation for the high-class customer service

Price and payment

  1. We offer competitive prices
  2. We individually approach the pricing
  3. We do not limit the amount of a minimum order
  4. We provide the opportunity to defer a payment

With whom we work

Governmental institutions, private clinics, medical centers, pharmacy chains, veterinary clinics, beauty salons, and not just that

They say about us

Yelena Aleksandrovna Kirilyevnina

Head of the Customer Service Department at Zakupki.Prom.ua

Since 2015, VG Medical Company has been one of the key suppliers in Prozorro Electronic Public Procurement System, in the category “Health Products”. During this period, VG Medical Company took part in more than 6000 bids, of which more than 45% were winning bids. And, these figures continue to grow with each new participation of the Company in e-procurement.
Over the years of cooperation, we have repeatedly been convinced of the high level of professionalism of the Company’s employees, of the transparency and clarity in their performance of obligations assumed.

Reviews are already added

waiting for your feedback

Our company is open and honest to its customers, suppliers, partners and employees. We place only reliable information about cooperation, time-tested and documented.

If you have been working with us for a long time and want to share your experience of cooperation, we will be happy to post this information. To do this, we will need from you: review on a letterhead with a seal; photo and position of the employee representing the company and leave a review

Distribution of health products

Comfortable partnership