The company success is the result of the joint work of the whole team

In modern environment, staff is becoming increasingly important for a company, since its performance depends on the personnel in many aspects. It is important not only to organize properly their work today, but also to create certain plans for the future, coordinating them with the overall goals of the company, its main tasks and features of functioning.

Today, due to the fact that a clear and streamlined personnel management system is a powerful competitive advantage, the companies within the VG Group structure are paying increasing attention to the formation of an effective personnel strategy.

Company values are the general rules for long-term relationships

The values of our Company are the fundamental beliefs, which the entire business of the VG Group of companies is based on. These are the main principles applied when interacting with other companies, customers and employees. The values we have established are not just a set of rules, but also the tools that are practised daily. Therefore, only the people who share the same values can become the members of our team and build a strong company.

Our values

  1. We value the reputation. Honest and open to customers, suppliers and employees, we perform our obligations regardless of the cost
  2. We are equal partners for our suppliers. We appreciate the mutually beneficial joint success; we work in the “win-win” format and are interested in the long-term growth and prosperity of our partners’ businesses
  3. Effective. We exclude bureaucracy, and constantly hone and automate business-processes. We make our service more prompt, qualitative and reliable
  4. Develop the customer service. Owing to the high qualification and professionalism of employees, we provide prime services in advising clients, selecting goods in the optimum way and delivering products in good time. Every client is important for us
  5. VG Medical is one team; we hear every member of our Company, and develop employees personally and professionally. The Company’s success is a result of the work of the whole team

“If you share our Company values, are eager to grow both as a person and as a professional, control your own results and take an active part in the development of the VG group, you are welcome to join us.”

Vitalii Hladushka, Company Founder